Cory's Cuties
Meet your new best friend!

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Good day Cory,
We wanted to say hello and send you an updated picture of our little "Chico". He was born on Oct. 7th to Jackson and Penny and arrived to us here in Illinois during our December-2013 very very cold winter. Chico is doing great and enjoys being a part of the family, he is now nine months and weighs 5lbs. He has a great personality and loves to play with his toy and sleep on our laps. I am attaching his latest photo, enjoy!
Madonna and Family
Hi Cory,

Just thought you'd like to see how big our Vader has become. He has added so much joy to our family.

Thank you.
Wanted to send a picture of our Tara. She will be 2 on the 29th of this month. She weighs right at 6 pounds. Couldn't ask for a dog with a better temperament and personality. Am so happy we found you 2 years ago when looking for a poodle pup. Everyone ask us where we found one with her markings, and I tell them to look up Cory's Cuties. We had a poodle before for 15 years with the exact same markings. Have not noticed one with these markings since though. I think it is called phantom markings. Love watching for the pictures of all the babies on facebook.
Thanks again for our precious baby!

Kent & Rea
We just enjoyed our third Christmas with Ruby! Her parents were Max and Gretta from October 2010. She has been nothing but pure joy to our family. She is wonderful with our two children and she is extremely smart and loves to snuggle with us. She loves to play and is absolutely beautiful! Just wanted to send you a pic of her and let you know how much we have enjoyed her. Thanks!

Happy holidays to you and your family. Here are new photos of Phancii at 6 months. OMG she is amazing. She frequently spends the day at petsmart day camp while I am at work and she is a favorite. They have given her nicknames "miss popular and miss personality". She always have amazing pawgress reports of how fun and playful she is with the trainers and other dogs. She recently graduated from obedience school at petsmart and we will start the second level class after the new year. She is potty trained but still have to keep an eye on her she plays so much and often forgets lol. She plays with everyone and any size dog. The trainers say she is the most friendly, lovable and well socialized min pin they have ever saw and they love having her there just as much as she loves day camp there. Please feel free to post any of my updates and pictures. You and your family do an outstanding job with the puppies.  
Thanks and happy holidays,  Precious and Phancii