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Contract/Guarantee--I will email or mail the contract to you upon receipt of a payment/deposit.  Puppies do not ship until the contract/guarantee is received back here, signed.  If we are meeting to pick up your puppy, I will bring the contract with me at pickup.

 Sales Contract/Guarantee

I guarantee said puppy/puppies for 1 year from purchase date against hereditary defects listed in this paragraph.  Hereditary defects covered under this guarantee are luxating patellas grade 3 or higher, hip dysplasia, heart murmurs grade 3 or higher, and elbow defects.  I will replace puppy or refund purchase price of puppy for hereditary defects listed in this guarantee only within 1 year of purchase date.  No refunds are given on flight fees.  New owner must have vet statement showing any of the above hereditary defects within the 1 year period.  I am not liable for any vet bills regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any defects.  Once a deposit is made, it is non-refundable unless the puppy has a life threatening condition.  

I guarantee said puppy/puppies for 1 week from purchase date against the contagious diseases listed in this paragraph.  Contagious diseases covered under this guarantee are parvo and distemper.  Parasites such as fleas, ear mites and ticks are not covered under this contract.  I do treat for ear mites, fleas and ticks, if any are found, and the puppy is free of these to the best of my knowledge.  Luxating patellas grade 1 or 2, hernias, coccidia, giardia and worms are not serious health problems if treated, and are NOT covered under this guarantee.  I do deworm starting at 2 weeks of age and every week thereafter until the puppy leaves, and treat for coccidia.  The puppy is free of worms to the best of my knowledge.  Puppy must be taken to a licensed vet within 4 days from purchase date for this guarantee to take effect.  If this is not done, this contract is null and void.  I will replace puppy or refund purchase price of puppy for any contagious disease listed in this paragraph, resulting in the loss of your puppy, within the 1 week allowed.  If any contagious disease covered in this guarantee are found, new owner must have a vet statement showing either of these within the 1 week period.  No refunds are given on flight fees.  I am not liable for any vet bills regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any contagious disease. 

I do not guarantee against any accidents, ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, running away, injuries, hair loss, scars, open fontanelles, thin hair, overbite, underbite, coat stains, retained puppy teeth, tear stains, adult size and weight, ear erections, ease of housebreaking, coat color, show quality, temperament, hypoglycemia, breeding ability or other unless described in the first 2 paragraphs.  If the puppy/puppies changes hands (if the original buyer stated on this contract decides to give away or sell said puppy/puppies), this contract is null and void.  Shipping charges and vet charges are the responsibility of the new owner and will not be reimbursed/refunded for any reason.  This puppy is sold intact and is not spayed or neutered.

Puppies such as Pomeranians and Miniature Pinschers can get hypoglycemia from stress.  Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking well for the first few days.  I do not guarantee against hypoglycemia as this is not hereditary or a disease.  Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar from not eating due to stress, too much activity (not enough rest), or too much handling.  Small puppies can undergo stress due to a new environment.  I recommend keeping the puppy at home for the first week or two so it has time to adjust to the new environment.  It is imperative to keep food out at all times for these breeds while they are puppies so they can eat as they need.  Signs to watch for are not eating, throwing up, diarrhea, lethargy (lack of energy), and not drinking.  If these signs appear, contact your vet immediately.  It is normal for a puppy to have some loose stool after moving to a new home especially when they are flown or shipped.  Just be aware of how your puppy is acting for the first few days.  Any signs not mentioned above in this paragraph should be addressed with your vet.

Buyer agrees that he/she understands fully and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Missouri, county of Dallas, and that the place of venue shall be Dallas County, Missouri.

This Contract/Guarantee must be signed and received before the puppy leaves here.  Your puppy will not ship until I receive it. 

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