Cory's Cuties

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Quotes As you know, we have bought three MinPin puppies from you. All 3 of them are are such a joy in our lives! The first MinPin we ever had, before we found you, was a rescue, and we loved him to pieces. Unfortunately, we had to have him put to sleep for a number of medical reasons. We were haeartbroke, to say the least. We decided we wanted more MinPins, and so the serach was on. We found you, who was close enough to home to drive. We fell in love with (now) Jack and Ruby from the same litter, and brought them home. Then, THEN, my hubby was surfing your site afterwards and fell in love with Roscoe (Apollo), so we had to have him, too. All three of these MinPins are above and beyond what you advertised. They are so very well socialized and affectionate. They are just awesome! We love them so much! If anyone we encounter are looking for MinPins, toy poodles or pomeranians, we will definitely refer them to you. Quotes
Mark and Teresa Jackson
We LOVE our puppies!!!!

Quotes We had been looking for a puppy for quite some time and when we finally found I fell in love. We brought home one of Cory's Pomeranian's and he is beautiful! Not only that, Cory kept us updated consistently until he was finally with us. He has made a great addition to our family and has certainly learned how to "speak up" when he disagrees or wants something. I highly recommend Cory and her services! THANK YOU CORY! Quotes
Meeko's Mom - Customer

Quotes I had looked and looked for almost a year, trying to decide if I wanted the responsibility of a puppy. Well, when I decided I did, I started looking. I wanted a certain 'look' for my min pin. I once saw Cory's site, then kept coming back time and time again. Then she had the litter I fell in love with, I had a hard time deciding which one, but after asking for more pictures, and she sent me so many. I decided on one, and then could not wait to get my baby. She came to me via airplane, and I instantly fell in love! She is a gem, so cute. She has so much energy. She is a true joy for me. I can't thank Cory enough for helping me, thru all the questions, pictures, etc. She is so easy to work with and answers everything I needed to know. THanks Cory!!! PS my new baby's name is ABBY! Quotes
Lou from Alabama

Quotes I received my little Pomeranian last Tuesday. He is such a cute, energetic, and loving sweetie. He has bonded with the family immediately and I can tell he has been socialized, he is fearless of the other pets, and loves to snuggle! Purchasing a puppy online was something I never thought I would do, but working with Cory through the process was very easy and she answered all my questions in a very timely manner. I would buy from her again and I have complete confidence in her business skills and love for these animals! Thank you Cory! Quotes

Quotes June 2011, I received my min pin from Cory. I should of got her in May but due to unforseen delays while waiting for my puppy Cory always sent up dates. I am totally pleased with the purchase and would strongly suggest Cory. She goes the extra mile for her puppies and future owners. Kathy and Tinkerbell Quotes
Kathy Rapp
Happy Puppy Owner

Quotes I purchased my toy poodle puppy in May 2011. I was first really nervous about buying a puppy online that I have never met. But Cory is really nice and answers all my questions regarding the puppy. Now Beanie is 14 weeks old; he is really playful, and is friendly with everyone:) I would definitely recommend Cory if you want someone who really cares for the puppies. Quotes

Quotes My new miniature pinscher puppy, Heidi, is absolutely adorable! I was worried about bringing her home because I have an adult male min pin, and I didn't want him to be too rough with her. I didn't have to worry about a thing! She wrestles and plays with him and really sticks up for herself. They are having a great time, and I am one happy doggy mommy! Cory was wonderful with communication and sent me weekly photo updates of Heidi before I was able to get her. It's clear that she really cares about these dogs and loves what she does! Quotes

Quotes We got our baby June of 2011. We had to wait a little while but it was worth the wait. Cory made sure she stayed in contact with us and she sent pictures every week to let us know how he was doing. He is a healthy playful baby . We are very blessed to have him. We would buy another puppy from her. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Quotes
James and Amy Freeman
Our new baby Harley

Quotes Even with all of the hassle of getting our min pin Armani due to airline difficulties Cory did not give up. We are so grateful that she didn't too. Armani is protective, great with kids, and very very affectionate. He demands a lot of attention so if you are not prepared for that maybe look at another breed. Cory is a great breeder and we will be getting another from her some day in the future. Thanks Cory!!! Quotes
Would totally recommend even from Canada

Quotes When we first saw a cute two week old MinPin on Cory's web site it was love at first sight. We kept coming back to the page to look at the pictures until we decided to "take the plunge" and adopt him. After three months of being with us he has growth from one pound to five and has learned a few tricks. It's has been an absolute joy and pleasure to have him and introduce him to adults and kids alike. He is the extremely friendly with everyone but without getting overly excited, barking or jumpy. Because of his petite size and lovely personality even people who are not fond of dogs clamor to hug him. At the vet's office the young assistants gave him the nickname "killer kisser". He is definitely a magnet for serious displays of affection wherever he goes! Quotes
Irina Andriano
Arnie's "mom"