Cory's Cuties

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Quotes we were very skeptical to buy over the internet. there are many scams going on out there. it is difficult to know who to trust. after doing our homework and research we gave it a shot. we are very pleased with our puppy (a pomapoo ) she arrived safe clean and in good health. truly a smart dog and a pleasure to have around. we would recommend corys cuties to anyone wanting a new family member. Quotes
dale and joann kegley

Quotes My boyfriend and I were on the hunt for the perfect puppy for our new apartment. We stumbled upon our puppy on a different website that forwarded us to cory's cuties. When I first laid my eyes on Noah I knew that he was the cocker pup for us. We were a little hesitant to buy a dog from online but the purchase process was very easy and picking up the dog from the airport was no problem as well. We're very satisfied and we love Noah very very much, he's the new light of our lives. Thank you cory! Quotes
Perrymon Family
Happy Family

Quotes My Saint, Comanche (now called Jake), has been the best thing that has happened to me in the months since my husband passed away. He is absolutely beautiful in body and spirit. He has taken his job to be my man about the house very seriously. He has the intelligence, playfulness, and sweet spirit of the breed and loves our family, especially the grandkids. Thank you, Cory, for a job well done. Quotes
marylou heisz
Jake's mom

Quotes Ooooohhhh! We just received our baby LILLY! I love her soooo much! She has a bright personality which brings joy to our family. Thank you Corys Cuties! Quotes
Juanita and Family
"New addition"

Quotes I received my min pin from Cory about four years ago. She is the sweetest and most amazing dog ever! Our friends fight over who gets to dog sit. I couldnt be happier! Quotes
Amanda Campbell
A part of the family

Quotes March 2010 my son drove me from mich to purchase our new family member - "Axle". He's been a joy in everyway. And so loved by all, we have 3 grandchildren since axle has come home with us, and he has adopted them as his little babies. what a wonderful temperment he has, so trusting with all, and brings much laughter to our family, thank u Cory for sharing your joys with all of us. Sandi LaFountain Quotes
sandi lafountain ('Axle' Von Baron)

Quotes I received Tinkerbell 2yrs ago I watch her personality grow everyday. I am e-mailing this note to let you know it is not often I found anyone person who is truthful with no hidden agenda. I am sending this note because often no one is told of their good services. I am blessed by Tinkerbell and wanted to let you know. I vist your site often looking for a puppy as soon as I am able to I will be in touch thank- you again for Tinkerbell. Quotes
Tinkerbell's Mom

Quotes My husband and I have had Min Pins for 12 yrs and love the breed. When we lost our 10 yr old Zoey recently due to medical reasons, we were devastated!! I knew I wanted another one so we started our search and came upon When I laid eyes on Haley, I knew she belonged in our home! We were thrilled with how accommodating and informative Cory was throughout the process and are currently going through the process of getting another one!! Haley has been a great "fit" for our family and has the most adorable personality!! We can tell she comes from quality parents! So glad I found coryscuties!! Quotes
Haley's mom

Quotes "My husband and I moved to Missouri for my husbands job in March, I was very homesick, and had been wanting a puppy for quite sometime. We knew we wanted an apricot toy poodle, so we started looking online. We can across cory's cuties, and fell in love with the images of the apricot toy puppies. So then my husband and I kept coming back to the website everyday, and I knew I had to have her.:) We got her Easter weekend, she is the best Easter present anyone could of ever asked for. She is such a smart dog, with such an outgoing personality. We got to see photos of her week by week, and got to see photos of her parents.:) We are so thankful she came from such a good breeder, it only took a month to potty train her, and she just finished her course at Petsmart and can do so many commands.:) She is our baby right now, and are so lucky to have found such a good breeder. I hope one day to get Isabella a sister from Cory's Cuties, a black toy poodle.:) Thank you so much Cory!!" Quotes
Don and Liz Kirmo
"Happy Family"

Quotes I looked for the best breeder for a long time, and finally I found Cory, and I fell in love with my Princesses Dolly. The experience to adopting from the best breeder changed my life. I am in love with my beautiful apricot toy poodle. THANKS CORY! -Soheila Quotes
The Lovly Princesses Dolly
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